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‘Operation Vijay’ was a fierce conflict rather than a war: Major CS Anand

Kargil War with the military operation code name of ‘Operation Vijay’ continues to haunt the countrymen for a variety of reasons despite the 24 years that have passed after the war. Pakistan Army and paramilitary troops were taught a lifetime lesson by the brave Indian Army and Indian Air Force on the high-altitude mountainous terrain. Yet, there looks to be no learning for better from the neighbouring country. Ceasefire violations by the Pakistani Army and infiltrations by independent Kashmiri insurgents from across the international borders along the Line of Control (LoC) continue to annoy the Defence Forces. From May to July 1999: The unanticipated and unwarranted Kargil conflict which began May in 1999 continued till July with enough casualties on both sides. The Indian Air Force, jointly with the Army swung into aerial action under the codename ‘Operation Safed Sagar’ (White Sea) to flush out the enemy troops from vacated Indian positions along the LoC. Pak troops disguised as Ka