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Revoking Anti Cow Slaughter Act: Congress stumbles opening a Pandora box!

                                                                                             Image Source Bengaluru: The Siddaramaiah-led Indian National Congress (INC) party government in the state of Karnataka appears to have taken off with a series of bumps, to begin with. Many cabinet ministers, even before their portfolios were announced officially started making pronouncements unbecoming of any responsible authority. Some, in a hurry to hit the headlines, also stooped to make a mockery of themselves. K Venkatesh, Animal Husbandry Minister is the latest bright star in this regard. Why not cows slaughter? Animal Husbandry Minister K Venkatesh hinted at the withdrawal of the anti-cow slaughter law in his interaction with the media persons after taking over as a Minister. He also went on to add-“The present anti-cow slaughter legislation makes a provision for slaughtering buffaloes but not cows…But why cows shouldn’t be slaughtered? Many farmers are in trouble due to the stipulati