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Today's Words: Coruscate, Iterate, Inimical, Riposte

Coruscate Flash or sparkle. "The light was coruscating through the walls." To give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes: sparkle.  2: To be brilliant or showy in technique or style. He's known for his coruscating wit. The soldier threatens me in a foreign language so that his precise meaning is lost but his hostility is coruscating. The sunlight coruscates on the surface of the water. Iterate Say, state, or perform again. synonyms: ingeminate, reiterate, repeat, restate, retell. To iterate is to repeat, as in to say or perform something again.  People often iterate a point, by repeating it, they hope others will understand it better. Politicians often iterate key points. Inimical  Harmful, hostile It is generally used to describe forces, concepts, or situations that are in some way harmful or hostile. For example, high inflation may be called " inimical " to economic growth. Having the disposition of an enemy Excessive managerial control is inimical t