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Food, Nutrition has huge potential for employment generation: CA CR Murali

CR Murali, a city based Chartered Accountant is quite enthusiastic about the new Food and Nutrition courses on the way to be launched by Ravindra Prasad, wellness Guru and former International Operations Head of the Art of Living (AoL) of Sri Ravishankar Guruji. In an exhaustive interview he spells out his thoughts on the subject.  CA CR Murali Here are the excerpts: Q: How come food and nutrition has come to focus all of a sudden? CR Murali: Health has become an issue today. The input and output of a system gets deteriorated because of the food while food acts as an agent. As you might be aware of the Hindu shastras don’t consider disease as negative aspect whereas the modern medicine tends to consider it so. It is only a symptom of something going wrong in the body functions while the cure is given by Lord Vishnu himself in his avatar as Dhanwantri. So, for us medicine is not science but a part of Veda and as good as Bhagavad-Gita itself. Every activity of human being, why just human

Mind management techniques can avoid several diseases: Dr R Nagaratna Raghuram

“Thanks to a host of our ancient sages like Patanjali, Vashista, Tejas and Lord Krishna, most of the diseases annoying the mankind can very well be controlled and avoided by practising mind management techniques. And this has been proved with any number of researches conducted by the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana Arogyadhama(S-VYASA)” says Dr Ramarao Nagaratna Raghuram, Medical Director. image source: Steemit Medical claims proved wrong: “The purpose of practising Yoga is for mind management. If Patanjali insists to have a positive mind, Vashista lays emphasis on slowing the mind for achieving mastery. If Lord Krishna concurs on the same, Tejas has already given a definition. But medical sciences claim that Arthritis, Asthama cannot be controlled by the mind. However, our research findings in the last four decades have proved these self-proclaimed assumptions wrong”, she informed. Chemical imbalances due to negative emotions: Dr Ramarao Nagaratna Raghuram, further elabo

Vegetarianism has many takers across the globe these days: NV Raghuram

People travelling abroad and also being rigid vegetarians really had a tough time throughout their journey abroad, but not these days. Says NV Raghuram, co-founder of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana Arogyadhama(S-VYASA), here. image source: Mantra Care Vegetarianism continues to surge: In a freewheeling chat, he shared his opinion on the present developments of vegetarianism making a surge in leaps and bounds elsewhere-“There has been a lot of awareness among the people these days and there is no requirement of mentioning any religion while talking about these aspects. Many a top achiever has been vegetarians just because they had the practice of adhering to vegetarianism”. Vegetarian burgers in abundance: He continues-“Now vegetarian burgers are available in abundance. Gone are the days of vegetarians forced to starve for lack of vegan foodstuff. A top-notch Tennis player’s remarks of admitting being a disciple of Lord Krishna and also a vegetarian have given altogether