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Today's Words: Preponderant, Skiplagging, Shacket

  Preponderant [ pri- pon -der- uh nt ]    adjective superior in weight, force, influence, numbers, etc.; prevailing. More about Preponderant First recorded in 1650-60 Comes from the stem of the Latin word  praeponderāns , which is the present participle of  praeponderāre , meaning “to outweigh.” Related to the verb  ponder , “to consider deeply and thoroughly.” Examples of Preponderant Despite her  preponderant  presence in the room, she preferred to stay silent. The Preponderant influence of social media shapes many people's opinions and behaviours. Skiplagging [  skip -lag-ing ]  SHOW IPA noun the practice of purchasing an air ticket for a flight with a layover at one’s true destination, getting off at the layover point, and skipping the last leg of the flight . More about skiplagging First recorded in 2015–20 Comes from the verb  skip lag , which was formed from a  skip , “to pass from one point to another, disregarding what intervenes,” and  lag , “a lapse of time.” Examples o