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Basavanna: Equality, Humanity and Human Rights

Bengaluru: Akshaya Trutiya is the birthday of Lord Basaveshwara or Basavanna, the 12th-century revolutionary poet and religious reformer who rebelled against all blind beliefs, practices and rituals of Hinduism. It also goes to his credit of bringing God to one’s palms while simultaneously and vehemently opposing the tradition of visiting temples and places of pilgrimages in search of the almighty. Interestingly, unfortunately, or sadly what his followers or disciples have been doing all along would be another separate topic for discussion and better to forget for the time being. A Hindu Protestant: Dr Godwin Shiri, former Director of Christian Institute For The Study Of Religion And Society (CISRS), Bengaluru, during an informal interaction, opined-“Basavanna can be aptly described as a Hindu Protestant as he was in the forefront of opposing blind beliefs”. Influenced by Buddha: Mallikarjun G Kelagade, former Director of the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) kee