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LS Polls 2024: BJP Amidst Party men Challenges in Multiple Constituencies

Bengaluru: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is facing an uphill task in multiple Lok Sabha constituencies of the state, thanks to the stripping of party re-nomination for sitting MPs on one hand and denial of tickets to the aspirants. Compared to the panic-like challenging atmosphere in the initial stage, it looks to have become a viable situation following hectic parleys by the party leaders. Subdued feelings galore: On the face of it the party is putting a brave face front and is in a jubilant mood of somehow managing to address the initial bickering in the first round. However, the solace looks like the tip of the iceberg as most of the sitting MPs’ who have been denied a chance to contest once again have gone into a subdued feelings mode. In public, they have been claiming to toe the party lines, but what they are thinking in their innermost mind is not clear even to their close followers and strategy managers. Bidar, a tough proposition: Bhagawanth Khuba, Union Minister of Stat