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Black, White and Yellow Fungi not new to Panic: Dr Anirudha R. Podder

While those in power are in jittery and all those in the health sector are literally facing unheard challenges of their lifetime in the form of Covid-19 mutated virus, of late both of them appeared to be a bit relieved. But with the emergence of Black fungus cases and their gradual surge has again raised alarms!  image source: New Indian Express Dr SR Narahari, Director of Institute of Applied Dermatology, Kasargod district in Kerala opines: Thanks to the fall in numbers of positive cases and dip in admissions to the ICU, in general, it looks the curve has begun to flatten. The deaths may be more due to other comorbidities rather than Covid-19 mutated virus only, he feels. Dr Deepak V. Haldipur, a renowned ENT surgeon having the unique distinction of performing the maximum number of Black fungus surgeries in the state is right in a way. He feels the surge in the number of Black fungus cases is not all that alarming in comparison to the state population for the local "terrorist bro

Amidst Deadly Covid-19, Black Fungus traumatize People like Never Before

T hanks to the callousness on the part of all state and Union Governments ignoring the warnings of health experts’ way back in October 2020, the second wave of Covid-19 mutated viruses are having their hay time. Although several attempts are being made on behalf of the governments, philanthropic persons/institutions and NGOs’ to rise to the occasion, the virus seems to be having the last laugh as of now. Source: Indian Express Added to such adverse scenario and as if the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic isn’t enough to have its fatal toll, all of us are now facing a formidable challenge in the form of Black Fungus or known as Mucormycosis in medical terms. Dr SR Narahari, Director Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD), Kasargod district in Kerala found time between his hectic schedule to dwell with the current crisis in detail and his viewpoints about the subject in general. He fears: Since the Central Government issued guidelines on controlling the black fungus; this disease is bound t

Facts prove Fear to be the biggest Virus rather than the Coronavirus itself!​

Probably anyone reading the headline of this article may try to find fault with the person who has filed this copy and even if they come to the conclusion that something is seriously ailing the mental health of the writer, they are not wrong in their assertions if one were to follow the public perceptions now afloat in the media and social networking sites ever since the deadly Coronavirus has made its presence felt on the globe. As long as the Wuhan originated virus restricted its devastating effect only in that region of China, perhaps no one else ever bothered about its possible spread elsewhere. In that way, people, by and large, kept their cool and once in a while also felt bad for the casualties in the Communist nation. However, this solace appeared only to be a temporary respite and the fatal attack of the pandemic spread like wildfire thus sending shock waves across the world, irrespective of the nations and their well being materialistically and monetarily. Since then infectio