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Maasai: The Great Hosts Of Serengeti And Ngorongoro

The Maasai people of Serengeti and Ngorongoro have been herding their cattle for thousands of years. The Maasai are struggling to integrate themselves in a dwindling world, a proud, nomadic warrior race who count their wealth in cattle and children.  In accordance with government policies: Not able to roam as freely as before with their herds, they must restrict their activities based on Tanzania governmental policies or disrupt the district's fragile ecology and tourism economy as counselled by its policymakers. Not known for killing wild animals: This is strange enough as the Maasai have not been known to kill wild animals or damage their environment since the beginning. They subsisted on the blood, meat and milk of their herds. They disapproved of agriculture because it ruined the land for grazing. But today, they are learning to farm and to trade their crafts, their skills and their produce, cooperating with the tourist industries, taking their place as guides, drivers, tracke

Lockdown motivates companies to look for alternatives

T he deadly Coronavirus pandemic has by and largely devastated the lives of ordinary mortals apart from affecting industries big and small in general. It has left no sector unaffected and as a result crores of workers are forced to undergo big havoc unseen and unheard of in their lifetime! Despite such adverse conditions, some companies have gone out of the way to keep going in a minuscule manner possible and at the same time contribute their mite towards the war against combating the killer virus. Aditya Auto Products and Engineering Limited is one such company having manufacturing facility at the Doddaballapur Industrial area on the outskirts of Bengaluru which deserves mention for its innovative ways in performing even during a perplexing condition full of odds all the way.According to Suresh Sethuraman, CFO of Aditya Auto Products and Engineering Ltd. company, they thought of producing Assisted Respirators taking into consideration the huge shortage of Artificial Respiratory System