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'The Language of Unhealed Wounds' by Bhumika Rajan Released

Bengaluru: A collection of poems 'The Language of Unhealed Wounds', a debutant collection by Bhumika Rajan, with robust illustrations by Mithila Baindur published by Red River, New Delhi was released here on Saturday in an informal way devoid of fanfare but amidst a close enlightened circle of friends and well-wishers curious and enthusiastic about literary happenings. Short story: In an interaction with the audience Bhumika Rajan, the young author who has been penning poems, and short stories in English and translating Kannada literary pieces into English and vice versa had a glance at her works so far and felt short stories to be the best medium to communicate. A former English Teacher: Bhumika Rajan is a former English Teacher. She has taught English language and literature at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for three years. However, it was in August 2022, she decided to shift her priorities towards writing and translation. She writes poetry and short fiction in