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God’s Own Country: A Peep Springs Surprises, Shocks and Wonders

Kerala has been in the news for a long for a variety of reasons including the boasting of contributing the first elected Communist Party of India government in the first-ever elections to the Kerala Legislative Assembly in 1957. EMS Namboodiripad formed the first elected government with the support of five independent legislators. Enough water from River Periyar: However, since independence, enough water has flown in the River Periyar, the largest one flowing for a length of 244 kilometres. Interestingly although a tiny state compared to its adjoining neighbors, Kerala has 44 major rivers all but three originating in the Western Ghats. Only Three flow Eastward: Of them, 41 flow westward and only three eastward. Also in comparison to the mighty ones of the remaining South Indian states, the rivers of Kerala are small in terms of their length, width or outflow. But, they tend to flow faster, thanks to the hilly terrain and the short distance between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Se