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Eco-Tourism: Karnataka and Uttarakhand have a lot to share…

Karnataka and Uttarakhand, thanks to the multiple destinations and eco-friendly spots in the evergreen forest terrain, they have a lot to boast of and share to take eco-friendly business to new heights. On the face of it, both states have a plenty when it comes to the frequently visited places by the same tourists which are enough indication of the popularity of such spots. Karnataka continues to remain to be one of the most favourite destinations for all wildlife enthusiasts not only from the host state but to all those from the remaining states and many a country from across the world. Despite ongoing movement by the environmentalists raising an alarm on denuding of forest wealth and vanishing of evergreen cover, there seems to be no dearth of nature lovers making a beeline to the jungles of the state.  Five Tiger Reserves: According to the state Forest Department, the state boasts of a forest cover spreading into 43,382 square kilometers. The state also has a network of protected a