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What is PERMANENT ADDRESS.....??? Written by Hon. Smt. Nirmala Seetharaman Very thought-provoking! Our joint family home in Tiruchirapalli housed 14 of us from age 5 to 95 years. All kids, grandkids, and Grandparents lived happily by sharing what we had with joy and contentment. But today, I watch both the ancestral houses abandoned and nature taking over the garden my mother used to tend for hours every day. The Jamun, the Drumstick, a few Neem and Peepal have survived, but all beauty is both transient and fragile, and the law of entropy is powerful. The lovely flowers of myriad colours are all gone. I wonder what happened to the squirrels, the peacock family that came every day and ate from my mother’s hand. The Bulbul, the sparrows, the parrots, spotted flycatchers, Cuckoos, a huge troop of monkeys that once in a month would upset the order of the place Once people leave, a home becomes a house. Initially, I didn’t feel like selling, and now I don’t feel like going. Time has taken a