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Today's Words: Natto, Acumen and Engram

 Natto (not-oh) Noun a dish of fermented cooked soybeans, often eaten for breakfast over white rice or with toppings such as soy sauce and mustard. More about Natto First recorded in 1870–75. Comes from Japanese, from na(t)- and tō, “bean.” Na(t) is ultimately from Middle Chinese, a cognate with Mandarin nà, “to bring into, receive.” Examples of Natto For a traditional Japanese breakfast, many people enjoy a serving of natto over steamed white rice. Natto is known for its sticky texture, which is a result of the fermentation process. Acumen (uh-kyoo-muhn, ak-yuh-) Noun keen insight; shrewdness. More about Acumen First recorded in 1525–35. Comes from the Latin word acūmen, meaning “sharpness.” Acūmen comes from the stem of acuere, “to sharpen,” as does the English word acute, “sharp or severe.” Examples of Acumen Her acumen in identifying profitable investments impressed everyone at the meeting. With his financial acumen, he was able to grow his small startup into a successful business