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Gurunath Mujumdar sets in to make a mark in Hindusthani Music

Gurunath Gundopant Mujumdar is a well-known name among music lovers of Surat and more so in the state of Gujarat. Although his surname looks like a typical Gujarati one, he is more so by domicile. In fact, he is a native of Badami, hitherto the capital of the Chalukyan Empire now in the present Bagalkot district of Karnataka. Mr Gurunath Gundopant Mujumdar For more than two decades in Gujarat: He is presently associated with the Engineering MNC Schneider Electric India Private Limited as Deputy General Manager (Business Development) for the South Gujarat region. Earlier he served another giant engineering company. ABB Ltd. A Diploma holder in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Karnataka, he is in Gujarat for more than two decades since he migrated to Surat in 2002. Into music from the age of Five: Gurunath Mujumdar’s inception into music began at the tender age when he was just five years old. His musical journey began with singing devotional songs. Interestingly, his int

And Now 'Sampradhaya' Cowdung Lighting Lamps

Sharana Basava Patil at Raichur district headquarters in Karnataka has come out with a novel idea of making Cowdung Deepa(lamps) with the brand name 'Sampradhaya', yet to be registered. Biodegradable and Organic: The makers claim it to be biodegradable and organic. Sharana Basava Patil, who is the brain behind the unusual concept asserts-As these lighting lamps are made out of cow dung, they are natural, organic and biodegradable. 100 per cent Eco-friendly: He also stresses-These cow dung deepas not only promote oxygen generation but also remove the pollution caused due to carbon and toxic air present in the environment. Zero waste: Sharana Basava Patil makes a point on the significance of lamps made out of cow dung by informing-The speciality of these natural cow dung lamps is that the leftover ashes can be used as an organic manure for plants and improve the soil fertility as well. Sharana Basava Patil Upliftment of Rural women and farmers: Thanks to the concept of making l

Dr Ramarao Nagaratna Raghuram: From UK to VK

Dr Ramarao Nagaratna Raghuram is the Medical Director of Arogyadhama, a holistic health centre in Prashanti Kutiram, Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana Arogyadhama, Bengaluru. Had she restricted herself to Allopathic practice, she might have well settled with a roaring practice in the United Kingdom (UK). No, it wasn’t so in her case. For, she refused to tread the usual path like everyone else and opted to return from the UK to VK or Vivekananda Kendra to foray into the application of Yoga for treatment of several ailments. An MRCP turned Yoga researcher, advisor, teacher and guide: She did her MBBS from the prestigious Bengaluru Medical College (BMC) in 1967 and MD in General Medicine from Mysuru Medical College (MMC) in 1972. As Dr HR Nagendra, her elder brother and Chancellor-S-VYASA points out, she completed the two years duration MRCP program at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, the UK within nine months! It was no big a surprise as she had a successful academic care

Vegetarianism has many takers across the globe these days: NV Raghuram

People travelling abroad and also being rigid vegetarians really had a tough time throughout their journey abroad, but not these days. Says NV Raghuram, co-founder of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana Arogyadhama(S-VYASA), here. image source: Mantra Care Vegetarianism continues to surge: In a freewheeling chat, he shared his opinion on the present developments of vegetarianism making a surge in leaps and bounds elsewhere-“There has been a lot of awareness among the people these days and there is no requirement of mentioning any religion while talking about these aspects. Many a top achiever has been vegetarians just because they had the practice of adhering to vegetarianism”. Vegetarian burgers in abundance: He continues-“Now vegetarian burgers are available in abundance. Gone are the days of vegetarians forced to starve for lack of vegan foodstuff. A top-notch Tennis player’s remarks of admitting being a disciple of Lord Krishna and also a vegetarian have given altogether