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IIHR Develops Arka Mealymelt: mealybug wax solubilizer

Arka Mealy Melt is an ICAR- IIHR-developed product. The product is developed using state-of-the-art mealy bug wax solubilizing technology. It contains wax solubilizers that dissolve the external mealy wax coating which hinders insecticide penetration. This works against multiple species of mealy bugs. Feed on many plants: Mealybugs are soft, oval insects covered with mealy material and feed on many plants in agriculture, horticultural, plantation and other commercially cultivated crops including kitchen gardens, home gardens, landscape, and indoor settings. Repeated spray recommendations: Usually found in colonies on plants, they are soft-bodied piercing-sucking insects or sap feeders. To date, the management protocols for these pests revolve around conventional chemical insecticides and other botanical oils/formulations with repeated spray recommendations. Mealy covering major hurdle: The major hurdle in their management is the mealy covering on their bodies which makes it hard to