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Hindu women forced to wear Hijab, remove Kumkum in Tumakuru

Hijab continues to make headlines in Karnataka for all the wrong and unfounded reasons and this time around a few Muslim food catering companies have been accused of forcing Hindu lady employees to wear hijabs and remove Kumkum. Perhaps the development would have gone unnoticed had the organizers not indulged in spoilsport by posting a video in this regard. MLA unaware of the incident: Although, the news of the unsavoury and mischievous incident spread like wildfire following widespread protests by rightwing protagonists including the Bajarang Dal, the local legislator admitted to being unaware of any such development. Following repeated and intermittent calls, G.B Jyothi Ganesh, Tumakuru Bharatiya Janata Party MLA at last picked up the call only to disclose that he was not aware of any such happening in his own constituency! Bajarang Dal protests: However, Manju Bhargav, Tumakuru district Convenor of Bajarang Dal raised a voice of protest on online platforms against the event manage