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Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai: Expectations Sky High?

Basavaraj Somappa Bommai's elevation to the coveted Chief Minister's position, apart from giving a surprising shock to many within the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and elsewhere has also given rise to eyebrows to many an onlooker. image source: The Federal News No doubt the high command's pick was a big drubbing to the detractors of BS Yediyurappa, former chief minister. Probably, the pressure on the central leadership was such that there's no other way rather than zeroing in on a successor from the Lingayat community itself. The pontiffs' belonging to several sub-sects of the Veerashiva-Lingayat community, to which BS Yediyurappa belongs to came to the streets in favour of the latter. Initially, they pleaded for the continuation of BSY for the remaining two years tenure. But when it became evident that such hopes are over, they put forth a vociferous demand for choosing a successor from the same community and that too from Panchamshaali Lingayats'. BSY D

BS Yediyurappa Martyred on Martyrs Day!

Perhaps it may not be coincidental? BS Yediyurappa, Karnataka Chief Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party government put his papers to relinquish the position he had been holding for the last two years. He quitting the position midway and before the tenure ended formally has been happening repeatedly in his political career and this is for the fourth final time! Several theories are being propagated for his unceremonious sudden exit. One such, party insiders claim: This action is as per the "Understanding" BS Yediyurappa had agreed upon with the party top brass much before it was decided to hand over the mantle of the only state in the whole of South India wherein the saffron party enjoys power. Prior Agreement: Some even pinpoint that initially, such "agreement" was limited only to a period of one year as BSY was already 75+. However, as the only exception in the whole country, according to BSY, he was allowed to continue for one more year, thanks to the magnanim

Pinarayi Vijayan 2.0: CPI (M) Power Plays Possible Only in Kerala

T he Pinarayi Vijayan led Communist Party of India (Marxist) has created new historic records hitherto unknown in the annals of the tiny coastal state Kerala. Firstly it goes to his credit of returning the party government for the successive second time, which has never happened before since the early sixties. Pinarayi Vijayan Now he is being acknowledged for installing an all-new faces cabinet barring him. Although elsewhere across the country former Health Minister Ms. KK Shailaja Teacher being left out of the ministry paved way for various types of speculations but it just turned out to be internal development of the left combine.Had it been the case with any other regional or national party in neighboring or other states the situation would have ideally transformed into a free fight for all, rebellion, resignations, and chaos. Thanks to the “Operations” these days, it’s really difficult to imagine the state of affairs in the event of similar developments elsewhere. Perhaps that’s