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Rudrappa Mokashi: A Visionary ahead of his times

In the passing away of Rudrappa Veerappa Mokashi, former Chairman of the Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory based at Mugat Khan (MK) Hubli) in Belagavi district adjoining Maharashtra and a leader of the state Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS), the state and more so the peasant community has lost a visionary ahead of his times. He breathed his last on 20 December 2021 in Belagavi. He was 86. Rudrappa Mokashi A rich person by heart: Although RV Mokashi hailed from a wealthy farmer’s family since the beginning, he never behaved like the present neo-rich. About half a century ago, there used to be just a handful of well to do people in the rural areas. These days, you can find any number of rich people in terms of material wealth, but to know whether they also possess a generous mindset and a large heart is like opening a Pandora box! On the other hand, RV Mokashi was a great personality with a magnanimous heart in unbelievable proportions to all those who came in touch. An honest, c

Karnataka: Familocracy buries Democracy in LC Elections

The results of the 25 constituencies on Tuesday from the local bodies to the state Legislative Council have exposed tall claims of all parties in support of Democracy. On the other hand, they have become an eye-opener on the sorry state of affairs prevailing in the state of Karnataka. Familocracy with loads of money bags and muscle power has not just bulldozed the significance of the largest Democracy but literally buried it! 11 each to BJP, INC and Two to JD-S: For record sake, both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC) won in 11 seats each and the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) had to remain content with a couple of them. Independent trounces official BJP candidate: However, as expected and feared in some quarters of the ruling BJP, Lakhan Jarkiholi, younger brother of Ramesh Jarkiholi, Satish Jarkiholi and Balachandra Jarkiholi, all MLAs’ contested as an Independent and emerged victorious defeating Mahantesh Kavatagimath. The latter was also the chief wh

DV Halabhavi memorial National award to veteran Artist R Suri

Ramanna Suri, a renowned veteran artist of several accomplishments to his credit has bagged the prestigious ‘Chitra Shilpi DV Halabhavi Memorial National Award’ for 2021. The Dharwad based DV Halabhavi Memorial National Trust under the aegis of the Government of Karnataka has chosen R Suri for the coveted award for lifetime achievements. The national memorial Trust also has a practice of recognizing talented artists from across the country with ‘Kuncha Kalashree’ and ‘Yuva Kuncha Kalashree’ awards annually. Ramanna Suri DV Halabhavi happens to be a household name in the North Karnataka region for imparting art education through his ‘School of Art’. Probably thousands of talents blossomed through his art school over several decades. However, after his demise, functioning became a challenge. After facing an adverse situation for a period, it was later handed over to the Mysuru based JSS Group of Institutions. Hence, now it is renamed as JSS-School of Art and is functioning on a bigger ca

Puneet Rajkumar: Doctors divided over probable reasons leading to death

An interaction with several senior doctors, experts in different areas of specialisation leads to further confusion over the probable reasons that might have led to the tragic demise of Sandalwood Power Star Puneet Rajkumar. But much more than the real causes, some of the leads hinting at Covid-19 related after-effects already making many young people fatal victims look to be an alarming development! Undetected cardiomyopathy led to sudden cardiac arrest: Dr Kavery Nambisan is based in Kodagu and is well-known for treating Covid-19 patients in the early two waves with Ivermycticin. She says: "I do not know if he had the covid infection at any time. In which case, undetected cardiomyopathy causing disruption of electrical conduits in the heart could lead to sudden cardiac arrest... Dr. Kavery Nambisan ...The other possibility is the risk of a coagulation disorder and fatal clot formation. All covid patients need loving term rest from physical string and are advised anticoagulant (c

Puneet Rajkumar tragedy: Family history, Stressful life might be the Cause?

The tragic end of Sandalwood "Power Star" Puneet Rajkumar, apart from sending shock waves across the state within the film industry, fan following and medical industry has also posed serious apprehensions about the activities in the so-called fitness industry comprising of private high tech gymnasiums, health clubs and whatnot. source: telugu stop It's also equally intriguing to understand why the health freak actor vocal on social media in showcasing his acrobatics never bothered to consult his family physician the previous day itself when he developed heartache while jogging. It's impossible to find tangible responses now. Probably, had it been any other ordinary being the relatives would have been on the receiving end of coaxing a huge bill under the guise of treatment in the ICU for a few days as these days these high tech hospitals are also dubiously known for cut-throat ways to mint. Gyms' should be banned say, Heart Surgeon: Several doctors across the coun

BSY empties his old wine in Basavaraj Bommai's new bottle!

Basavaraj Bommai's one-man cabinet has at last been expanded on the eighth day after he was sworn in as Chief Minister last Wednesday. In between the new chief minister camped in the nation's capital, initially for two days and three days in the second lap to finalize his cabinet. But in the end, what has turned out reminds one of the old wines in a new bottle! And what else; much to the grouse of his detractors in the state and Delhi BS Yediyurappa continues to have the last laugh! Although the former chief minister succeeded in ensuring most members of the Bombay Team (Congress and Janata Dal-Secular MLAs' who resigned and joined BJP to topple the previous coalition government) continue to remain in the saddle, his all types of tricks, pressures and pulls didn't come to his rescue in enabling his second son BY Vijayendra to become a Minister. image source: The Indian Express Pupil got results and stripping of berth:  However, his masterstroke helped in dropping CP Yog

Modern Days Vishakanta BS Yediyurappa

Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yediyurappa , usually known as BS Yediyurappa or BSY and Raja Huli(King Tiger) among his admirers looks to have reached the culmination point in his political innings with an overdose of never-ending ups' and downs'. According to his own pronouncements, he's putting up his papers for the coveted post which he adorned for the fourth time and like before a short-lived one! source: Economic Times It also goes to his credit of literally striving along with BB Shivappa, HN Ananthkumar and many others in enabling the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) from a four legislators' party to a ruling party. Probably BSY himself may not be remembering the number of times he has travelled across the state nook and corner, day and night and days together to campaign for the party whole heartedly. However, despite toiling for the party's victory several times, he hasn't been lucky to remain in the saddle for the whole term not even once. Whether you believe in

Covid-19: Significance of Ivermectin prophylaxis until vaccination​

Thanks to both waves of Covid-19 and mutated viruses and the onslaught of information, misinformation and canards let loose on the media and social networking sites, these days even the average person lectures like a well informed medical practitioner. Added to suddenly acquired knowledge of medical science, there is no dearth of experiments engineered on the human body. Unfortunately, doctors on the ground despite a struggling day in and day out continue to face rough weather. The experience of Dr Kavery Nambisan, a Kodagu based surgeon is no better. She has undertaken an enormous task on herself independently at a clinic in the Kodagu district with the help of two volunteer sources. Through them, she is trying to reach more people, mainly the labourers, tribals living in colonies and the working population. Dr Kaveri Nambisan A study by the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)-Bhubaneswar in the state of Odisha found that two doses of potential drug ivermectin prophylaxi