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Mahadeva Shetty KC family holds Varna Siri exhibition

Artist Mahadeva Shetty KC is holding an art exhibition ‘Varna Siri’ along with his artist wife Ms. Madhavi ML, and artist daughter Ms. Rachita M. Shetty at the Bengaluru Art Gallery of Yuva Patha in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. The 15 days exhibition began on the state formation day 01 November. Art, culture, and heritage: The exhibition on the eve of Rajyotsava celebrations is also coupled with the theme of highlighting the art, culture, and heritage of the state. Hence, Mahadeva Shetty KC presents paintings depicting ancient monuments while Ms. Madhavi ML exhibits are of fading leather puppets in a picturesque way. Ms. Rachita M. Shetty’s paintings are based on realistic antique pieces. Treat to the eyes: The paintings of Mahadeva Shetty KC are literally a visual treat. At times one gets confused as to whether they are paintings or photographs as the choice of colors enriches the quality of monumental structures. Paintings of leather puppets by Ms. Madhavi ML are a feast with primary colo