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96 Per Cent Of Deaths Can Be Prevented By An Aspirin Tablet

  Prevention is better than cure. This compendium of health news and tips will ensure you maintain optimum health. After all, it's time we took care of our own health. If you don't take care of your BP, sugar, and weight and exercise regularly, you can end up with a of the most terrible suffering ever....beware I had. We must also realise that 96% of deaths in MI can be prevented by an aspirin tablet...why does the American College of Cardiology say, that anyone after 40 must carry an aspirin tablet in his pocket....saves lives...part of my health tips. Effective home remedies for cough and cold   Black pepper has expectorant properties that help reduce symptoms associated with cough and cold. You can brew black pepper tea for a wet cough and cold. Ginger: Ginger helps give relief from cough and cold, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.  Black pepper, ginger, and honey in mild black coffee. Vitamin E is a lipid-soluble antioxidant concentrated in lens fibres a