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Chaddi Dosts' meet over breakfast

  A few classmates and friends of the 1977 batch of Basel Mission High School, Dharwad found some time to meet over breakfast at a hotel in Dharwad on 29 February. In fact, in recent years it was the second such hurried meeting while the last one happened on 28 February evening last year. GTG about 13 years back: The first ever GTG of the batch took place at Dharwad almost 13 years ago. Then it was resolved that we keep meeting at least once a year. All those who participated in that event were more than jubilant to endorse the same. However, for reasons not known the annual event but for once in Bengaluru never took off as planned. Thanks to Vishnu Yaligar: For this time the credit for organizing the sudden get-together goes to Vishnu Yaligar, a former head of the HR Division of several reputed companies. He made a few calls to old buddies and spoke in typical rustic Dharwad slang compelling some of them to rush the next day morning. A delayed start: Vishnu Yaligar, the ideal host