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Indian Elections 2024 - The Headlines From Abroad

Indian Elections 2024 - the headlines from abroad A compilation: “Will the outcome of India’s election increase intolerance” - Deutsche Welle “Modification of India is almost complete” - TIME Magazine. “India’s election: fixing a win by outlawing dissent damages democracy” - UK Guardian “Is India’s BJP the world’s most ruthlessly efficient political party?” - Financial Times “‘Messianic spell’: how Narendra Modi created a cult of personality” - UK Guardian “Narendra Modi Is Preparing New Attacks on Democratic Rights” - Jacobin Magazine “With democracy under threat in Narendra Modi’s India, how free and fair will this year’s election be?” - The Conversation, Australian Research Council “India can grow fast with or without Narendra Modi” - Reuters. “Modi Is Making India’s Election All About Himself” - Bloomberg “Progressive South Is Rejecting Modi” - Bloomberg “Modi’s Campaign May Have Already Peaked” - Bloomberg “‘Billionaire Raj’ Is Pushing India Toward Autocracy” - Bloomberg “India’s