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AIFT: A Ray of Hope to Orphaned Children

Accelerate India Foundation Trust (AIFT) is a Bengaluru-based voluntary organization committed to the cause of continuing education for orphaned children not studying due to various reasons and problems including family financial pressures and challenges. Current Initiatives: In fact, AIFT is into a variety of activities for the welfare of less privileged children. These days, many children get disconnected from formal and basic education due to genuine and flimsy reasons. Well, the genuine reasons include adequate finances and problems with proper communication in reaching the nearby schools. Added to these features also include the piquant situation of lack of awareness and social stigma to join the schools. AIFT engages in networking between schools and families to ensure that the children do not suffer from being educated. 400+ Children supported: AIFT, is presently extending support to 400+ children by providing school kits, online content, counselling as well as teaching suppor