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Mrs Anuradha Madhusudan: An accomplished Carnatic Musician

Mrs Anuradha Madhusudan is an accomplished Carnatic classical Veena artist. With any number of accomplishments to her stride, she boasts multiple decades of rich experience in the field. Inception at the age of 11 years: In fact, her inception into the classical form of music began way back when she was merely 11 years old. Thanks to the professional training she was privileged enough to keep growing in leaps and bounds all along and continues to do so. Initial training from Bheema Rao: Her initial training began under the able guidance of Bheema Rao, a direct disciple of no less than a towering personality like Veene Sheshanna. Later her learning continued under Vidwan V.Anantharamu and Vidwan V.Srikantha Iyer. She has also been trained under legendaries like R.K Suryanarayan, violinist Emani Shankara Shastry and S. Seshagiri Rao, a renowned artiste with AIR, Bengaluru. A regular in well-known performances: Mrs Anuradha Madhusudan, over the years has become a sought-after Veena arti