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Puneet Rajkumar: Doctors divided over probable reasons leading to death

An interaction with several senior doctors, experts in different areas of specialisation leads to further confusion over the probable reasons that might have led to the tragic demise of Sandalwood Power Star Puneet Rajkumar. But much more than the real causes, some of the leads hinting at Covid-19 related after-effects already making many young people fatal victims look to be an alarming development! Undetected cardiomyopathy led to sudden cardiac arrest: Dr Kavery Nambisan is based in Kodagu and is well-known for treating Covid-19 patients in the early two waves with Ivermycticin. She says: "I do not know if he had the covid infection at any time. In which case, undetected cardiomyopathy causing disruption of electrical conduits in the heart could lead to sudden cardiac arrest... Dr. Kavery Nambisan ...The other possibility is the risk of a coagulation disorder and fatal clot formation. All covid patients need loving term rest from physical string and are advised anticoagulant (c

Arun Jaitley's contribution to BJP's growth in Karnataka

ImageSource: A run Jaitley , former Union Minister who passed away this afternoon in the capital after a prolonged illness had maintained close ties with the people of Karnataka much before he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and had remained in constant touch with several party leaders from across the state till the end. He was closely associated with M Rama Jois, former Supreme Court judge who hails from the state. Thanks to his expertise on varied subjects like law, finance, corporate affairs among many others he was a frequent visitor to the state and more so to the Bengaluru city for delivering special lectures.During his innumerable visits to the city, he gave special talks on many crucial law issues like the vexed Ayodhya dispute, Uniform Civil Code, Article 370, corporate affairs at the Bengaluru Advocates Association, party fora like workers, legislators' and public meetings. But a beginning of life long relationship with the state started o