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Today's Words : Feinschmecker, E pluribus unum and Glabrous

Feinschmecker (fahyn-shmek-uhr) Noun gourmet; a person who appreciates good food More about Feinschmecker First recorded in 1895–1900; From German literally meaning “fine-taster, gourmet.” From fein, fine1 + schmecker, "taster", from schmecken, "to taste", (see smack1 + -er1) Examples of Feinschmecker The restaurant, popular among feinschmeckers, offered an exquisite tasting menu. An impressive feinschmecker, she could identify every ingredient in the elaborate dish. E pluribus unum     (e ploo-ri-boos oo-noom) Latin phrase out of many, one More about E pluribus unum First used in English as a slogan in the 1700s. Adopted as the U.S. motto in 1782. Directly from Latin: e, “out of” + plus, “more” + unus, “one.” Examples of E pluribus unum The phrase E pluribus unum appears on the Great Seal of the United States, symbolizing unity. In the spirit of E pluribus unum, people from all backgrounds came together to celebrate Independence Day. Glabrous (gley-bruhs) Adjectiv