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Today's Words: Jubilee, Beek and Diffident

Jubilee (joo-buh-lee) noun a celebration of the anniversary of a special event More about Jubilee First recorded between 1350–1400. From the Hebrew word yōbhēl which literally means “ram.” Another meaning was “a ram’s horn used as a trumpet” which was sounded to proclaim the Day of Atonement. Examples of Jubilee The town held a grand jubilee to commemorate its 200th anniversary. The school’s centennial jubilee featured alumni from all over the world. Beek (beek) Verb to bask or warm in the sunshine or before a fireplace, stove, or bonfire. More about Beek First recorded between 1200–50. Possibly from the Middle English word beken, akin to bake.  Examples of Beek It’s so cozy to beek in front of the fireplace after a day of skiing. On sunny days, we can see many lizards beeking in the sun. Diffident (dif-i-duhnt) Adjective shy; lacking self-confidence. More about Diffident First recorded between 1425–75. From Latin diffīdēns, “mistrusting, despairing.” Examples of Diffident The new stu