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Nizam regime; Controversies Continue to Haunt

17th September every year is celebrated as Liberation Day to commemorate the end of Nizam regime and beginning of a new chapter in the form of democratic form of popular government. However, the claims, counter claims and controversies continue to remain till date. Nizam not a foreigner: Najaf Ali Khan, grandson of the last Nizam or Nizam VII contradicts the popular assumptions and says: "Liberation means liberating from foreign yoke or from foreign rulers. The Nizam was not a foreigner. Hence the question of liberation did not arise. It is equally incorrect to say that the monarchical rule of Nizam VII came to an end and ushered in democracy. They were no participation of the people and much less of politicians...  ...Day of Genocide: The wounds of Operation Polo (Police Action) are still deep and fresh. It is not a liberation day but the day of genocide, the implications of which can be felt even today. The horrible memories still hound the minds causing trauma to many poor ci

BJP can bet only in Karnataka in the whole of South to bag some seats

BJP can bet only in Karnataka in the whole of South to bag some seats     T he whole of South India gives altogether a diversely different picture in comparison to the overall political scenario prevailing in North India and elsewhere. In a way but for Karnataka almost all other states by and large hint at a situation giving an indication in favor to the local regional parties rather than the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party at the Center. So for all practical purposes if at all the BJP has to rely upon for seats in the South it will only be from Karnataka. Thanks to the hitherto sworn enemies Janata Dal Secular-Indian National Congress joining hands to form a coalition government even the prospects of the saffron party are not that rosy as they used to appear earlier. image source Telangana for TRS: Any numbers of freebies to the electorate have enabled the Telangana Rashtra Samithi President and state Chief Minister continuously for the second time, Kalvakuntla Ch