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Gujarat Model Illusions, Myths, and Contradictions

There has been enough systematic and well-orchestrated hype over the much-repeated word Gujarat Model, across the country and more so at the time of any general elections. Just like there are professional big mouths tom-toming the oft-repeated cliche there is no dearth of dissenting voices against the same. But on the ground, it looks like there are no takers for such arguments. Image Source:  Elets News Network Only campaigners or baiters: A tour with journalist friends in the poll-bound industrious state and meeting a variety of people give rise to only two kinds of opinions. Either you hear a vociferous campaign favouring the double engine administration or others baiting both the dispensation. It looks like there is no space for a third or neutral voice. Unimaginable progress over the years: Dr Deepa Nadkarni, a general practitioner based out of Ankleshwar in Bharuch district recollects-“I came to Ankleshwar in 1995 to practice. Then I was carrying my infant kid and the house we en

EV Charging stations to boost multiple business set ups, employment: Amit Rane

Amit Rane is the Founder and Managing Director of the Pune headquartered WUDMIN ENERGY renewable energy company dealing with consulting financing, education, and technology transfer. He is into EV charging stations in Maharashtra and planning to spread the network possible. In a freewheeling chat, he shares his background, experience, and plans ahead to surge.  Excerpts from the interaction: Q: How did your journey into the electric vehicle charging industry began? Amit Rane: The journey started in 2012 when I was in the US with DFW and I was working on a project where they wanted to convert a high-speed electric testing track in North Carolina. The idea was to understand the scenario in 2030 as to what will happen when the electric vehicles will hit the road and the electric grid is shared. It wasn’t stimulation at that point in time but for understanding the situation. It was like studying various areas as electric vehicles were hardly there on the roads. It was more like knowing wh

Heart Problems: Prevention Better Than Cure Only Way Out

World Heart Day was observed yesterday highlighting the overall scenario in the field of Cardiovascular related woes and suggesting ways to reduce the occurrence in an alarming way in order to save precious human lives. Young populace becoming victims: There has been a paradoxical phenomenon being observed in recent times. Earlier it was almost a practice of 70+ year’s individuals to develop the tendency of ending up becoming victims of a variety of cardiac ailments. But, unfortunately, these days the younger generations in their early 30’s and 40s have started becoming prey! IACTS launches IACTS Outreach Day: The Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons (IACTS) launched an IACTS Outreach Day in the city at the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research popularly known as Jayadeva Hospital. It aimed at educating people to adopt a healthier lifestyle as well as inspiring a new generation of doctors to further advance the field of cardiac surgery. Millions

Thanks to 18% GST, the lighting lifestyle industry looks to be at crossroads

The lighting industry and more so the light emitting diode (LED) industry in the country has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. However, in comparison to the strides elsewhere perhaps India has a long way to go. Although you had Incandescent bulbs and Fluorescent lamps in the initial stage, the scenario changed altogether with the advent of the Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) Halogen lamps had their own say. In recent times, it looks like LED bulbs have a major say in the domestic market. The advantage of the light emitting diode is that it happens to be a semiconductor light source emitting light with the flow of the current, while electrons in the semiconductor recombine with electron holes, releasing energy in the form of photons. Interestingly, despite the domestic lighting industry emerging into a billion-dollar market it continues to be in its infancy when you ponder over if it is an organized one? As of now, the industry looks to be at crossro

Poland's Hon. Consul CR Raghu sees the great potential for investment in India

CR Raghu, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Bengaluru is optimistic about investment from Poland in the state and country in the areas of IT, BT, Education, Renewable Energy and Waste management. Everyone is looking for renewable energy: Renewable gas energy is a big thing everyone is looking for. Our own Prime Minister is thinking, last week European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has also mentioned the same. Even our External Affairs Minister is speaking about it. In fact, the whole world is thinking on the subject so that the expenditure on fuels is reduced, he elaborates. A series of accomplishments: Raghu Rajappa, a city-based industrialist with enough experience in the waste management area has become the Polish Honorary Consul about one and a half years back but has a list of accomplishments to his credit in the short period. For, he informs-“In the last one and a half years, I have contributed in the fields of education, trading, politics, the visit of Amb

Food can change lives: Nutritionist Dr Gauri Rokkam

Dr Gauri Rokkam is a well-known Holistic Nutritionist with experience in helping thousands of people worldwide for more than two decades. She firmly believes that healthy food and lifestyle can change lives, for good. It does not mend the body in parts but as a “whole” and is candid enough to claim: “When the body is rightly fed(in every sense), it wins battles while one experiences true health”. In an interaction, Dr Gauri Rokkam spoke on several issues revolving around human health, current practices of dealing with disease and the way out. Here are her viewpoints on a few issues: Holistic health is from a “whole person” perspective: Neither food nor body should be broken down into its parts. Food is a complex chemical factory. It should not be broken down into its components or specific nutrients because the components of food work in synergy with each other to produce desired effects. The body can work to its best and be in the best of health with whole foods, the way plants produ

Indian Philosophy continues to have recognition worldwide: NV Raghuram

“Just like people in this country there is no dearth of human beings continuing to evince keen interest in knowing the rudiments of philosophy,” says NV Raghuram, senior faculty of philosophy at the S-VYAS to be deemed university here. NV Raghuram Drawn to philosophy from childhood: In a way, he is a living practitioner of philosophy all along. For, he says: “Since childhood, I have been driven to the noble thoughts our philosophy continue to profess. After all, what is it we face in our lifetime? It’s nothing else but life and livelihood, the whole life revolves around one’s understanding of mind and people”. No regrets, bad feelings: If you are in a hurry to infer that Nelamangala Vruddhi Raghuram is another highly educated personality finding rescue in the Ramakrishna mission, then you are mistaken. Of course, he had been a civil engineer and worked in the Chennai airport and later returned to join the Karnataka Power Corporation (KPC) to work for 15 years. He admits: “I was a goo

Medical Education in Russia, Ukraine, China etc. far from good: Dr Deepa Sunil Nadkarni

Thanks to the Russian invasion over neighbouring Ukraine and last-minute efforts to bring the stranded Indian medical students back home has given rise to a sequel of worrisome factors related to medical education abroad. Initially, big blame was put on the system here where even meritorious students scoring 97 per cent in the +12 standard fail to get a seat while foreign universities were lauded for imparting medical courses at a quarter of the expenditure. Only a negligible per cent of foreign medical graduates qualify: The more you try to peep in, the issue looks like becoming more perplexed. Contrary to what was being proclaimed in public, your marks in PUC alone don’t matter for a medical seat. Earlier your marks in the CET at the state level mattered while the same has paved the way to NEET at the national level now. Apart from that, according to the statistics available from the official sources, only 20 per cent of foreign medical graduates qualify back home! Medical counsellin