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Ms Anitha K: Hard Work Receives Rich Accolades

Ms Anitha K is working as a Massage Therapist with the Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) at Kasargod in Kerala. The Institute is well known for successfully developing a model of integrated medicine and effective treatment for Lymphatic Filariasis, and other causes of lymphedema bringing relief to thousands of patients across India and South East Asia. A life of struggle to begin with: Ms Anitha K has completed 18 years of service at the IAD. Initially, she joined as an Assistant Massage Therapist in 2005. Now, thanks to her successful stint in the position she is a sought-after skilled Massage Therapist. The eldest of three sisters, Ms Anitha K's life was full of struggle, to begin with for hailing from a poor family. Her father, a daily wage earner was addicted to alcohol and her mother had to roll Beedies to make a living. Rs 400 salary to start with: Luckily for the family, one of the younger sisters joined the Anandashram and had an education and even a job. Another you