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AP Government bestow bouquets to Kannadigas, GoK gives assurances

The Kannadigas of Andhra Pradesh are literally at a crossroads with step-motherly treatment from the parent state Karnataka and no signs of respite for their pressing demands for decades. Despite not being sure of the future in store they continue to religiously adhere to education in Kannada medium with a fond hope of things changing for the better sooner or later. Andhra Pradesh State Government providing benefits: Interestingly and unlike other adjoining states like Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala the Andhra Pradesh state government has been magnanimous to the core when it comes to helping the Kannada medium students studying in Andhra Pradesh. Rs 15,000/- to Mother's accounts: Thanks to the 'Amma Vadilu' project mothers of all students studying from 1st to 10th standard in Andhra Pradesh are paid Rs 15,000/- annum. This amount is directly deposited into the personal bank accounts of the mothers. Free Uniforms, Fees and learning materials: In addition, all stude