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Karnataka continues to repeat history

With the declaration of the 10 May general election results today and the Indian National Congress (INC) sweeping the polls upsetting the Bharatiya Janata Party’s apple cart is another reiteration of the state people’s tendency of repeating the history by packing off the ruling party in the dispensation. Although, the wave for change was candid clear by the writing on the wall but not to such an extent taking the Congress itself a big surprise. Oft repeated tendency: Just a few days prior to the polls no one in the political arena ever wondered about such a mandate but the Congress leaders repeatedly made claims of forming the government on their own. The practice of the state voters disowning the party in power began way back in 1978 and it has continued until this day in every other election but for the midterm poll during 1985. Gateway to South lost: By losing Karnataka, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has lost its only bastion in the whole of South India as all other remaining s

Karnataka: Swarthameva Jayate

“Politics make strange bedfellows’, is quite a common phrase to describe odd, unexpected alliances and agreements caused for a shared political interest. These days the literal meaning of such saying can be evinced in the state of Karnataka. Just three weeks remain for the 10 May 2023 general elections to the state Assembly while political scenario continues to remain murkier every passing day with no signs of the situation changing for better. Every day you hear about politicians with a variety of hues embracing some other color, which they had been fighting tooth and nail all along in their political innings. Well, that is the traumatic condition the state polls have stooped to!                                                                                         Image Source Unanimity among all parties: Interestingly, the tendency of peoples’ representatives changing sides overnight is not just restricted to either the ruling or major opposition parties alone. In fact, there has

Karnataka BJP's differences come into open

( Photo:ANI ) N alin Kumar Kateel , three times Member of Parliament from South Canara(Mangaluru) Lok Sabha constituency took over as the new president of the state Bharatiya Janata Party this morning at the party office Bengaluru. BS Yediyurappa outgoing president and Chief Minister handed over the mantle by transferring the party flag and wishing him a fruitful tenure. He also felicitated the new president with a gorgeous silk shawl, traditional garland and a memento. No doubt it was a joyous occasion and celebration for the new president as he had restricted himself as a leader of the coastal belt of South Canara and Udupi districts so far by his fiery and equally controversial speeches. However, it's altogether sweet and sour feeling for the average party workers' who continue to remain the backbone of the party. 17 new ministers were sworn in only a week back but for some of them, it wasn't any important function to attend. R Ashoka, Revenue Minister and former D