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TSTDC surges ahead despite Covid-19 Pandemic

By and large almost all states in the country complain of significant drop of revenue mobilization through tourism due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) has altogether a paradoxical experience during the same challenging period. B Manohar Rao, (FAC) Managing Director of the Telangana State Tourism Development claims that TSTDC continues to do good business despite the onslaught of the pandemic. In a telephonic interview with Hindusthan Samachar , he shared in detail the reasons for such a comfortable position. Excerpts from the interview: HS: How is the tourism situation in Telangana following the pandemic situation? B Manohar Rao: Let me introduce to you. I am B Manohar Rao, Managing Director Telangana StateTourism Development Corporation (TSTDC). I have been working in the same organization from 35 years. Ijoined as an Assistant Manager and have now become in charge Managing Director with the blessings of Honorable Chief Mini