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Why India Must Know About Baisakhi

Why India Must Know About Baisakhi While the Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi across India; Rest of India wonders if it is about doing Bhangra and dancing. No, it is not; Baisakhi holds a lesson for all Indians. Specially in this day and age. So this day in 1699, in a congregation of people from all across India...standing there listening to their Guru the then, Gobind Rai. Gobind Rai asked for human sacrifice of five men one after the other. Five men from different castes from different parts of India stood up from the crowd of thousands. 1) - A shopkeeper, Baniya called Daya Ram from Lahore 2) - A farmer, Jat called Dharam Das from Meerut 3) - A so called low-caste water carrier, called Himmat Rai from Jagannath Puri, Odisha 4) - A tailor, of Cheemba caste called Mokam Chand from Dwarka, Gujarat 5) - A barber, of Naai caste called Sahib Chand from Bidar, Karnataka With his choice of disciples from five different corners of India, Gobind Rai ji visualised the national dream... from the coast