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Covid-19: Suicides continue to haunt Pune citizens

C oronavirus pandemic continues to make a devastating effect on the lives of all sorts of people in the society here and elsewhere across the globe. Although the alarming situation is coming close to normal in a handful of countries, back home the conditions appear scary from bad to worst. After successful implementation of 1:0 and 2:0 lockdown periods throughout the country, the countrymen sighed a heave of relief that the numbers of infections and casualties were far behind such figures in the United States, Italy and many other Western countries.But such a feeling appeared to be an initial mirage while the real big danger was closely, wickedly watching from behind. And the fellow countrymen did little to disprove the deadly killer virus wrong. Once the lockdown measures began to be withdrawn slowly, migrant labourers, students, tourists and others stranded across the country started to make a beeline toward their native places. Perhaps this was the initial phase for the Coronavirus