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Today's Words: Dulcify, Abrogate and Mistral


(duhl-suh-fahy) Verb

to sweeten

More about Dulcify

First used between 1590–1600.

Derived from the Late Latin dulcificāre, “to sweeten” with ‑ficāre, “to do” + ify, a verbal suffix meaning “to make, to cause to do, render.”

Examples of Dulcify

She added honey to the tea to dulcify it, making it more enjoyable.

They used syrup to dulcify the bitter medicine for the children.


(ab-ruh-geyt) Verb

to put aside; put an end to.

More about Abrogate

First used in English between 1520–30.

From the Latin abrogātus, “repealed” (See ab-rogation, -ate 1)

The meaning has expanded from officially repealing a law (doing away with it) to delaying or avoiding doing something, like a chore or another responsibility.

Examples of Abrogate

By neglecting to attend the meetings, he was seen as trying to abrogate his duties.

The committee tried to abrogate its responsibility by postponing the decision until after the holidays.


(mis-truhl) Noun

a cold, dry, wind common in southern France and neighbouring regions

More about Mistral

First used between 1595–1605.

Directly from Provençal mistral meaning “dominant wind” and from the Latin magistralis ventus meaning “master wind.”

Both dominant and master emphasize the strong nature of this regional wind.

Examples of Mistral

Farmers in southern France prepare for the mistral by securing their crops and equipment.

Sailors dread the mistral because it can make navigating the Mediterranean Sea extremely challenging.

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