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Karnataka Assembly Elections: Issues and Challenges before BJP

Karnataka state, the only state in the whole of South India boasting of a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government on its own is all set for general elections before May 2023 as the tenure of the present and 15th Assembly is scheduled to be over on 24 May 2023. The present predicament haunting the ruling party in the state and centre is whether it will be able to retain the lone bastion below the Vindhya mountainous range. No majority in elections so far: An interesting feature of the ruling BJP is that in all the 2004, 2008 and 2013 Assembly elections it never emerged as the single largest party to walk straightly into the corridors of power. It has always been under the mercy, whims and fancies of the regional outfit Janata Dal-Secular (JDS), dubbed locally as the Father and Children’s now Grandchildren’s party to grab power. Likewise, even in 2018 also BJP failed to make it on its own thus paving way for a Janata Dal-Secular party-led and Indian National Congress (INC) supported re

No Anti Incumbency, Claims Former CM and Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda

DV Sadananda Gowda, former chief minister, former Union minister and Bengaluru North Lok Sabha constituency MP is confident about the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), returning to power while pooh-poohing talks about the anti-incumbency factor haunting the present dispensation. In a freewheeling chat, he shared his views about the prospects of his party in the ensuing state Assembly elections. Q: According to some pre-poll surveys the opposition Congress party appears to be having an upper hand. What do you say? DV Sadananda Gowda: No, I don’t think so. Making sound systems will not give the result. Of course, they have got a good gang of Congress leaders who can shout at the BJP, who can create some false narratives against the BJP and who can just find fault at the ruling party, which they have not done for a very long period of time. However, people are very well aware of the activities of the BJP for the past several years and especially after Narendra Modi became the Prime Min

Hemavathi: A heavenly abode for mesmerizing intricate stone marvels

Hemavathi in terms of modern terminology is a small village and comes under the jurisdiction of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. The historic venue about 158 kilometres from Bengaluru is adjoining Dodda Banagere village of Sira Taluk in the Tumakuru district and is well known for its artistic splendour. Henjeri of Pallavas: According to the history books the present-day Hemavathi was hitherto known as Henjeri between the 8th and 10th century AD and remained the capital of the Pallava dynasty. It is also told that the historic Hemavathi village boasting a variety of beautifully sculpted temples was built during the Nolamba dynasty regime. Intricate designs with semblance: There is one small gopura-like structure as you enter the temple complex. It holds the roof probably done with a wood-like material and supported by four square-shaped slender pillars with intricate designs with semblance on all four sides of each mini pillar. The minute tower lacking proper maintenance, and forge

Legendary artist BKS Varma stops painting

Legendary artist BKS Varma, renowned for his live performances specializing in combining art with dance and poetry at an unimaginable speed left the mortal world in the early hours on Monday and thereby putting an end to his unique style of painting. An alumnus of Kalamandir: Born at Karnur (05 September 1949) of Attibele Taluk on the outskirts of Bengaluru, bordering Tamil Nadu to artist mother Jayalakshmi and musician teacher, father Krishnamacharya BKS Varma had his formal art education at the Bengaluru based Kalamandir founded by the legendary visionary Gandhian A.N Subbarao. The art educationist ahead of his time trained the young boy in painting and sculpture. He continued further his interest in sculpture under the tutorship of ACH Acharya, another sought-after sculptor in Devanahalli. Sketching at the age of six: Thanks to his artist mother and musician father, BKS Varma was gifted with artistic talent ever since his birth. Maybe with such artistic background and artist pa

Heramb Hemanth Flute Brothers Continue to Set New Record

Heramb and Hemanth are twin brothers who have already stamped their presence in a big way in the instrumental music world. The twin siblings more popularly renowned as Flute Brothers, in fact, are not only the most sought-after flautist duo but perhaps the only twin flute duo on the Carnatic music horizon. A family of musicians: Heramb and Hemanth are originally from Madikeri in the Kodagu district, the picturesque tourist haven of the state. The interesting and noteworthy aspect of them is that they hail from a family full of musicians being exposed to music ever since their birth. They happen to be the grandsons of Bhakti Sangeetha Ratna Ambale Subbarao. He was a multifaceted personality and apart from being a learned musician was also a respected cultural personality, author and teacher. Ambale Satyaprasad, their father is a Mrudanga artist and aunt Ambale Rajeshwari is a well-known Bharatanatyam exponent and Guru. Initial training at the age of three: Both, Heramb and Hemanth had

Lieutenant General BS Raju honoured with Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM

Lieutenant General Baggavalli Somashekar Raju, currently serving as the 44th Vice Chief of the Army Staff has been honoured with the prestigious Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM on the eve of Republic Day celebrations, this year. He took over as Vice Chief of the Indian Army on 01 May 2022. A big list of accolades: Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM is the latest feather in Lieutenant BS Raju’s proud cap. In fact, the number of awards he has received during his illustrious services in the mighty defence force so far makes too big a list. Perhaps the latest one, Param Vishist Seva Medal PVSM is a crown among them. A glance at some of them: If, you would like to have a quick glance at some of them, here goes the shortlist: Uttam Yudh Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, Siachen Glacier Medal, Sainya Seva Medal, High Altitude Service Medal, 9 Years Long Service Medal, 20 Years Long Service Medal, 30 Years Long Service Medal, Indian Military Training Team Bhutan Medal, Videsh Seva Medal, 50th Anniversary

Ms Urmila V.G’s ‘Closer’ exhibition dazzles with microscopic beauties

A visit to the ‘Closer’ exhibition and a close look at the exhibits by Ms Urmila V.G at Art Houz gallery in the city makes one feel whether he is visiting an art exhibition or 'art works' on a variety of cells? Although, initially you may get intrigued by such thoughts but once you go around to have a glimpse of all other woodcut prints on display you will be carried away by the delicate, intricate and microscopic beauties. Thanks to the impact of Covid-19: Just like the lives of people transforming in an unimaginable way, thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic so has changed the outlook and perspective of many a people and artists’ are no exception to this phenomenon. The predicament on restrictions’ over movement of people due to lockdown and multiple phobias let loose on the eve of hitherto unheard disease triggered a different type of artistic instinct in Ms Urmila V.G to explore the detailed miniature forms. Plunge into a journey to cellular level: Ms Sandhya A., analysing the w

Neelanjana Ayurveda Clinic plans free consultation camps across Bengaluru

The Bengaluru-based Neelanjana Ayurveda Clinic has drawn up ambitious plans to organize several free consultation camps across the city in the coming days. In fact, it has already been conducting such camps on a regular basis. Objective to make people’s life happy and healthy: According to Dr Saranya of Neelanjana Ayurveda Clinic, the objective is to - “Experience the healthy life through Ayurveda. Heal your mind and body with our treatments. Our objective is making people's lives happy and healthy through authentic Ayurvedic therapy by offering the most indulgent ayurvedic service and by setting the highest standards in quality of products & services”. Exclusive in-house medicines for Parkinson’s: Dr Saranya informs - “We have exclusive in-house medicines for Parkinson’s Disease, Psoriasis. Medicines are manufactured for Parkinson’s disease, Psoriasis and other skin diseases from our sister concern itself, giving emphasis on the quality to bring about the cure to the patients”

Chi Su Krishna Setty’s lifetime works enthralling

Chikkanayakanahalli Subbaraya Setty renowned as Chi Su Krishna Setty has displayed his lifetime works in an exhibition titled ‘The Realm of Manifestation Krishna Setty: A Retrospective’ at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in the city. The exhibition is worth visiting for multiple reasons while the works on the show can be aptly described as nothing less than enthralling. From the entrance to many a gallery: As mentioned earlier, lifetime drawings, sketches, paintings, acrylic works, murals, and sculptures among many a other varieties have been rolled upon right from the entrance to the number of galleries, pathways, staircases and walls made available for the exhibition. Prof Babu Jattakar, Faculty Member-College of Fine Arts in Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat, who has been keenly following the art path of this septuagenarian artist is highly appreciative of his care and concern in preserving his artworks intact even for over a half-century! He asserts-“Some of the drawings