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Hindu women forced to wear Hijab, remove Kumkum in Tumakuru

Hijab continues to make headlines in Karnataka for all the wrong and unfounded reasons and this time around a few Muslim food catering companies have been accused of forcing Hindu lady employees to wear hijabs and remove Kumkum. Perhaps the development would have gone unnoticed had the organizers not indulged in spoilsport by posting a video in this regard. MLA unaware of the incident: Although, the news of the unsavoury and mischievous incident spread like wildfire following widespread protests by rightwing protagonists including the Bajarang Dal, the local legislator admitted to being unaware of any such development. Following repeated and intermittent calls, G.B Jyothi Ganesh, Tumakuru Bharatiya Janata Party MLA at last picked up the call only to disclose that he was not aware of any such happening in his own constituency! Bajarang Dal protests: However, Manju Bhargav, Tumakuru district Convenor of Bajarang Dal raised a voice of protest on online platforms against the event manage

Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi passes way at an overripe age of 124!

Veteran Freedom Fighter, centenarian and an expert on the four Vedas Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi breathed his last at 3 am in the morning here today. He was 124 years old! Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi Born to Lakshamma and Krishnarao of Kyatasandra on the outskirts of Tumakuru district headquarters on 20 April 1897, he came to be popularly referred to as Pandit Chaturvedi following his command over the four Vedas. He penned several books on his interpretations of the Vedas. He is said to be an eyewitness to both the world wars and the massacre in Jallianwalabagh. He was also greatly revered by fellow freedom fighters for undertaking the hazardous task of completing the funeral rites of thousands of Quit India movement victims.He resided with grandchildren at Jayanagar in the house of his adopted son Aryamitra, a Dalit. He served as the District Commissioner of many districts in the state before his retirement. Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi remained a Bachelor. Although hailed fr

Janata Dal Secular party geared up to spring surprise in three constituencies

T he ruling Janata Dal Secular party much contrary to the general public perception is said to be making all out last ditch efforts to register a win in Mandya,Tumakuru and Hassan Lok Sabha constituencies if not the remaining other three constituencies having party candidates. Image source: There are several reasons being put forth by the party bigwigs for anticipating such big surprise outcome quite contrary to the perceived notions being projected so for on local private TV channels and the social media. A couple of TV channels have also aired the survey 'findings' about these three key constituencies which have suddenly become a cynosure to all political onlookers not in the host state alone but elsewhere across the country and abroad as well. While one channel which also holds the dubious distinction of being 'bought' over by the ruling party proclaimed that Nikhil Kumaraswamy,actor son of HD Kumaraswamy,Chief Minister will win by a hu

a'Walking God' says adieu to his journey

a'Walking God' says adieu to his journey Kyatasandra is a suburb on the outskirts of Tumakuru renowned for its 'Thatte Idlis'(Plate Idlis).Generally people traveling on this national highway make it a point to have a brief stopover in this place to please their taste buds. This has been the situation since decades and off late a visit to the nearby 'Sri Siddaganga Mutt' has almost become mandatory.It goes without saying that Dr Shivakumar Swamiji popularly reverred as 'Walking God' is the main attraction for such a practice. Dr Shivakumar Swamiji of the Siddaganga Mutt also popularly reverred as the 'Walking God' concluded his worldly journey at the overripe age of 111 years and 295 days!He met the lotus feet on Monday, 21st January. He was ailing for some time due to advanced age related ailments and failing health conditions and had been frequently in and out of various hospitals at Tumakuru,Bengaluru and Chennai.In the last phase he refu

Tumakuru:Coconut grove poised for another fierce battle

Tumakuru:Coconut grove poised for another fierce battle Tumakuru is a district place and the district headquarters is just about an hour's drive from the state capital.It's also popularly known as 'Kalpataru Nadu' due to majority of the farming lands boasting of Coconut plantations all over along with Arecanut. But the once upon lush green terrain which was a feast to the eyes is now only a glory of the past as these days you only find a pathetic sight of the other kind.Thanks to failing rainy season,over exploitation of underground water and migration of people to smart cities dried up plantations makes your heart burn. Just like in other areas of the state all Taluk places are a witness of mushrooming of legal and illegal layouts on the once fertile agricultural fields on all possible directions.The others who still want to remain attached with peasantry are literally found struggling amidst a lot of adverse conditions. Well apart from such conditions