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CRPF Senior Commandant (Rtd.) BS Kallur reminisces nostalgic CRPF days

Octogenarian, Senior Commandant (Rtd.) CRPF, BS Kallur has retired from active or formal service long back. But the way he is engaged himself makes even people in their teens ashamed. Despite an eventful career spanning a series of encounters, and threats on life apart from being on the hit list of many ultra outfits, initially, he appeared not interested in sharing his experiences with the pioneer police force. However, after continuous persuasion for several months, he agreed to speak out when requested that his reminisces could be a great source of inspiration and motivation to all those interested in the present generation. Excerpts from his prolonged interaction over a period of time over the cell phone and personal interactions: Q: Can you brief about your native place and upbringing? BS Kallur: I was born in Dharwad on 15 February 1942 at my great-grandfather Diwan Bahadur Menasinkai Nana’s house. I had my initial schooling there in the KE Board’s High School. Later I went to th
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Dr Pratap Kumar Pani dreams of world-class health infrastructure in Odisha

Dr Pratap Kumar Pani is a renowned Neuro Surgeon with 38 years of professional experience in the field and had been associated with the top hospitals in the country. However, he doesn’t seem to be content about his series of accolades so far as he is now dreaming of ensuring world-class health infrastructure at an affordable cost or if possible, at no cost in his home state Odisha. Charity begins from home: Dr Pratap Kumar Pani’s vision is not a sudden awakening due to formal retirement in the medical profession. On the other hand, his craving for serving society began way back when he was merely 17 years old. Then he was still studying in the Intermediate, known as ISc. He established a school in his native village. Thanks to his regular visits, once or twice a month, even after migrating to Bengaluru, the school has developed into a model institution over a period of time. He is extremely happy to recall the growth of the school and takes pride in informing -“The first student of th

Niranjan Mukundan continues Gold Hunt in Paralympic

Niranjan Mukundan continues to surge ahead with medal hunt at international events and this time around he has bagged four Gold and two Silver medals at the recently concluded Para Swimming World Series 2023, held in Berlin. Niranjan Mukundan B Qualification time for Paris Paralympics 2024: Thanks to such accomplishments, he has succeeded in the “B” Qualification time for Paris Paralympics 2024. He is currently in Germany taking part in the World Series 2023. 6 Golds and one bronze: Niranjan Mukundan recently also took part in the Norwegian swimming championships in April bagging six Golds and one Bronze medal. He created a new Asian record in 1500 meters freestyle events. He was also titled as the Best Swimmer in the Para category. Major Competitions: Niranjan Mukundan, currently in Germany informs-“Para Swimming World Series is one of the major competitions in the World Series. About 51 countries from across the world have represented at the most sought-after international tourney

Karnataka continues to repeat history

With the declaration of the 10 May general election results today and the Indian National Congress (INC) sweeping the polls upsetting the Bharatiya Janata Party’s apple cart is another reiteration of the state people’s tendency of repeating the history by packing off the ruling party in the dispensation. Although, the wave for change was candid clear by the writing on the wall but not to such an extent taking the Congress itself a big surprise. Oft repeated tendency: Just a few days prior to the polls no one in the political arena ever wondered about such a mandate but the Congress leaders repeatedly made claims of forming the government on their own. The practice of the state voters disowning the party in power began way back in 1978 and it has continued until this day in every other election but for the midterm poll during 1985. Gateway to South lost: By losing Karnataka, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has lost its only bastion in the whole of South India as all other remaining s

Vegan: The trend fast catching up among a few youngsters

                                                                                           Image Source ES Manjunath, my childhood friend and classmate until 8th standard in Dharwad visited us sometime back. He is a UK citizen and has been a resident of that country for more than two decades. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, he’s come up in a hard way in life. After a usual exchange of pleasantries, he was offered tea, which he flatly refused. It appeared intriguing that he has given up drinking tea after leaving the country. But, it was no better situation, when he was inquired if he would like to have some milk. No, he said! Vegan for years: When quizzed as to why he doesn’t drink both, tea and milk, he informed of having given up the practice for many years and that his whole family including two daughters is also in the same habit. He explained that the family members don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable for not drinking tea, coffee, and milk or consuming dairy products. Upbring

Karnataka: Congress set to return to power?

                                                                                         Image Source The much-expected general elections to the Karnataka Assembly slated on Wednesday 10 May is just two days ahead while the possible outcome continues to remain a much-debated topic on all possible public platforms and social networking sites. A forecast of a majority of 17 pre-poll surveys, by and large, favours the Congress party returning to power. The electoral history of the state ever since 1978 has oft registered ousting of the party in power in every election, hinting at the expected results. Anti-incumbency factor remains: Irrespective of the ruling party being national or regional, people of the state continue to remain unanimous in packing off the one at the helm of affairs. In 1978, despite a Janata Party wave all over North India during the 1977 Lok Sabha polls post the draconian Emergency, Indian National Congress (INC) bagged 149 seats followed by 59 of the Janata Party i

World-renowned Cartoonist BG Gujjarappa says: My Best is Yet to Come

Many people are in the fond practice of complaining every now and then that they hardly get any time to pursue their passions. Maybe, they could be genuine in their own ways, but never ever in the case of the veteran artist, political cartoonist, caricaturist, children’s illustrator, and also into multimedia, Banagere Gangaiah Gujjarappa. Perhaps BG Gujjarappa or Gujjar as he is popularly well-known is a household name to readers of Newspapers, Tabloids, Periodicals, and a variety of books for several decades. Hemavathi connection: Sexagenarian BG Gujjarappa (03 June 1955), belongs to Doddabanagere village in the hitherto drought-prone Sira Taluk of Tumakuru district. Doddabanagere also happens to be the last village of Sira Taluk bordering Hemavathi village, an artist’s paradise in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The Siddeshwara Temple is renowned for the four famous Shiva shrines as Lord Shiva appears in the human form, like in seated yoga posture, deep in meditation etc. q

NC Patel continues to remain a role model in Horticulture

Bengaluru: It was a weekday morning and a good number of vehicles of different types were parked in front of a house in Nagadasanahalli, before Rajanukunte on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Much before noon, many well-to-do farmers or landlords’ were found walking out from the big house enjoying the sumptuous non-vegetarian food, while many others kept on coming. This scene kept on continuing and looked like going for the remaining part of the day. The house in the centre of the attraction belonged to the horticulture pioneer NC Patel. Professional interaction: Nagadasanahalli C. Patel is a household name to all those in the old Mysuru region who take up horticulture too seriously and professionally. All those who had assembled were found busy interacting with one another on the stages of different crops in their fields, condition of the crop, expected yield, market situation and things like that all revolving around dry land farming. To an onlooker, it looked so interesting that althou

Karnataka: Swarthameva Jayate

“Politics make strange bedfellows’, is quite a common phrase to describe odd, unexpected alliances and agreements caused for a shared political interest. These days the literal meaning of such saying can be evinced in the state of Karnataka. Just three weeks remain for the 10 May 2023 general elections to the state Assembly while political scenario continues to remain murkier every passing day with no signs of the situation changing for better. Every day you hear about politicians with a variety of hues embracing some other color, which they had been fighting tooth and nail all along in their political innings. Well, that is the traumatic condition the state polls have stooped to!                                                                                         Image Source Unanimity among all parties: Interestingly, the tendency of peoples’ representatives changing sides overnight is not just restricted to either the ruling or major opposition parties alone. In fact, there has